Google has announced the availability of their new podcasts app. Simply named Google Podcasts, the app is integrated with the Google Assistant to ensure personalized podcast recommendations.

Google has also said that using Artificial Intelligence, the Google Podcasts app offers recommendations based on listening habits.

![Google Podcasts](/content/images/2018/06/Artboard.max-1000x1000--1-.png)

"Google Podcasts seamlessly syncs across a variety of Google products, including the Google Assistant. So if youโ€™re listening to a podcast on your phone during your commute home, you can resume it on your Google Home when you arrive. Over time, weโ€™ll integrate Google Podcasts into more places you use Google. With Google Podcasts, weโ€™re focused on helping podcast creators reach a broader audience."

Podcasting has been gaining steady momentum and a recent media industry report has also shown that advertising spend has been increasing as more brands and companies are spending their advertising budgets on podcasts. However, podcast discovery has always been quite an issue, with most podcast apps using charts which ends meaning that the bigger podcasts continue to grow bigger.

Apart from AI driven recommendations, Google Podcasts is looking at growing podcast audiences in another different way. by partnering with the podcast industry on a program to increase the diversity of voices, Google Podcasts hopes not only to increase audiences but also bring variety and diversity to the type of podcasts available.

"We couldnโ€™t be more excited to help people around the world discover podcasts theyโ€™ll love, and this is just the beginning. Looking forward, Google Podcasts will be a launchpad for building an even better podcast listening experience using AI. For example, as speech-to-text technology continues to improve, weโ€™ll be able to provide new features like automatic subtitling, which is especially helpful if you are hearing impaired or in a noisy area without headphones. Powered by Google Translate, subtitles can then be made available in a wide variety of languages, further improving access to podcasts."

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