A new kind of technology and innovation hub focusing on the cryprocurrency and block chain industry has been launched in South Africa. Named Blockstarters, the hub aims to be the go to place for innovators and startups developing solutions using cryptocurrencies and the blockchain.

Blockstarters was officially launched in Johannesburg, South Africa on 5 June 2018.

"Blockstarters is the first blockchain hub and incubator in South Africa. We have created this space to be the home of all developments (technological, investment, regulatory, to name a few) in the blockchain industry in South Africa and Africa, and a gateway to the continent for international and local players."

Blockstarters offers the following to budding blockchain innovators and startups:

  • Co-working and private office space
  • Startup services, such as accounting, legal, marketing and branding support
  • Collaboration and customer sharing prospects
  • Regulatory discussion workshops
  • Technical learning sessions
  • Corporate association
  • A venue for meetups and hackathons

"We have some startups such as Golix (The biggest Bitcoin exchange in Zimbabwe) and PushMoney (A crypto POS provider out of Kenya) as well as others who have joined us in our space. One of our main missions is to create solutions enabling Bitcoin and other cryptos to provide decentralised banking infrastructure in Africa and other countries which lack established and inclusive banking sectors," said Warren Gray, Co-founder at Blockstarters.

Interested startups or innovators that are keen to collaborate with or join Blockstarters, can visit their website for more details.

Cover image credit: Tawanda Kembo, CEO of Golix.

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