With the aim of transforming Egypt into a knowledge economy, the Northern Afrikan country's digital library and online knowledge hub, Egyptian Knowledge Bank (EKB), is set to launch the first Arabic Citation Index (ARCI). It's expected that the ARCI will be fully operational in 2020 and it will be the first of its kind to map Arabic scholarly literature in a citation index.

ARCI will be the result of a partnership between EKB and Clarivate Analytics.

"Our aim is to work toward becoming a more knowledgeable Egyptian community that encourages learning as a part of everyday life. We look forward to building our economy and exporting our sciences globally in the Arabic language," said Dr. Shawki, Egypt's Minister of Education & Technical Education and President of Egyptian Knowledge Bank Project.

Funded by the EKB, the ARCI will introduce an Arabic interface for the Web of Science solution by Clarivate, and this will provide access to bibliographic information and citations to scholarly articles from curated Arabic journals and other Web of Science content. The creation of a comprehensive bibliographic/citation database of Arabic scholarly publishing will make Arabic scholarly content more accessible, connecting it to more than 1,4 billion cited research references (dating back to 1900) and the highest quality, peer-reviewed scholarly content from across the globe.

"Pioneering innovations and providence are drivers of achievement: the political leadership in Egypt is focusing on these elements in order to connect an ancient civilization to our present day. EKB is ushering in a vital strategic project which promotes the spread of knowledge in native Arabic to the entire world. The creation of ARCI, a project developed from the wisdom of the political leadership, will be a turning point in our efforts to achieve this goal," said Mahmoud Hussein, Project Coordinator at EKB.

The primary aim of ARCI will be to evaluate the quality and research output of Arabic researchers, universities and research organizations. By measuring these outputs, the ARCI will enhance the Arabic academic footprint, identify critical Arabic research, and improve funding opportunities for researchers. The ARCI will be the fifth regional citation index developed by the Web of Science. Other citation indexes powered by Web of Science include: Chinese Science Citation Database, SciELO Citation Index, Russian Science Citation Index and KCI-Korean Journal Database.

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