SportsPodium, a new platform that will allow any sports people and enthusiasts to record their sports data and earn rewards, has announced what is possibly the worldโ€™s biggest golf challenge. The SportsPodium Golf Challenge will take place from 21 to 28 June 2018 and golfers from around the world can participate by downloading the SportsPodium app to record their data.

The South African company uses Ethereum's ECR2 blockchain to build what it hopes to be the largest decentralised database of sports data.

โ€œThe Blockchain generates a daily reward pool, which will then be shared among various participants, based on their reputation. Your reputation on SportsPodium is defined by your ability to enter information accurately and diligently over time,โ€ said Jaco Rossouw. Co-founder and CEO at SportsPodium.

Golf will be the first sport that SportsPodium will use to populate their blockchain based database. Previously, Rossouw had indicated that this is because golfers are already used to capturing their data when they're playing. Participants at the golf challenge will have the opportunity to challenge any golfer, anywhere in the world through the SportsPodium app. Furthermore, golfers can play on their course of choice, and their scores must be entered in the SportsPodium app to secure their spot on the international leaderboard.

โ€œWe have decided to use golf as our first sport because, historically, golfers are used to logging their data. To participate in this challenge, golfers will need to play a round of golf during this week in June and enter their results into the app. There are over 60 million golfers worldwide, and we need over 325 000 players to take part to break the World Record,โ€ said Rossouw.

To ensure there is minimal cheating, Rossouw also explained that the data entered by participants will be verified using various algorithms, and individuals are rewarded with tokens in return for the credible information they provide.

โ€œSportsPodium provides an opportunity for athletes of all ages to earn an income, have access to much-needed sports equipment, measure and improve their performance, and market themselves to the right clubs and sports bodies,โ€ concluded Rossouw.

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