ixo Foundation, a non-profit open-source software development foundation has partnered with the Seneca Park Zoo Society to measure impact for global conservation projects and develop funding flows for zoos and aquariums. The two organizations will kick off their partnership by using ixo's "Blockchain for Impact"platform in Madagascar to record and measure the impact of insect and animal life regeneration.

Working with Stony Brook University, the organizations will test the effectiveness of sensors in measuring ecosystem health within regenerated forests in Madagascar.

“Our partnership with Seneca Park Zoo Society is a proof of concept, showing how all manner of conservation projects can record the impact they are having. By utilizing the ixo Blockchain for Impact, they will be able to record evidence of change as Verified Impact Data, which demonstrates what counts for sustainable social, environmental and economic development,” said Dr Shaun Conway, Founder and President of ixo Foundation Council.

As part of the project in Madagascar, the sensors which will be used will be connected to the ixo "Blockchain for Impact", while the ixo protocol will act as a "secure record of data for impact claims." According to ixo, their protocol will enable all measurable changes that have an impact to be transformed into Verified Impact Data with "crypto-economic proof of Impact." Furthermore, to reward participants who use the ixo "Blockchain for Impact", "Impact Tokens" will be generated and these can be traded through decentralised impact exchanges.

"Working with the ixo Foundation will allow zoo stakeholders to see our conservation projects like never before. They will be able to observe progress and impact of our various programs through using an immutable blockchain as evidence of impact. We will use this data to grow the fundraising and public education potential of zoos and aquariums, reinforcing the value of zoos to our communities. We look forward to our first collaboration in Madagascar, which will allow us to measure the positive impact of renewed forests through biodiversity measurements and increased human health using the ixo Blockchain for impact,” said Tom Snyder Director of Programming and Conservation Action at Seneca Park Zoo Society.

What is interesting is that ixo, unlike most cryptocurrencies related projects, is not talking about raising funds through an ICO. Instead, the foundation states that it wants its community to feel as involved as possible and that they are working on a number of initiatives to engage the community and add value.

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