It looks like most people missed that Trevor Noah had a role in the record breaking Afrofuturism Black Panther movie. Noah's part in the movie is brief and it is a voice-over role.

Noah's name also appears in the movies credits as first reported by, as the voice of Griot - the Artificial Intelligence voice system made by Shuri to guide the "colonizer" as he flies the simulation jet in the fight to save Wakanda.

The Oxford dictionary defines the word Griot as "a member of a class of travelling poets, musicians, and storytellers who maintain a tradition of oral history in parts of West Africa."

Noah's part starts when he says "Remote piloting system activated."

The Black Panther movie has proved popular, especially among Afrikans. Earlier in April 2018, the movie officially jumped over the Titanic movie as far as USA cinema ticket sales go. This is barely a month after it crossed $1 billion at world wide box office sales.

"It’s one of those things where I guess some people got too hyped up the wrong way about it and they’re like, ‘So is it a black film?’ It’s like, no, it’s a film. It’s the same way Wonder Woman was a dope movie and if you were a woman, it was extra special, you get what I’m saying? Black people are just like, ‘Yeah, it’s a dope movie, and if you’re black, this is an amazing movie,’ that’s all it is. Then you get some people, you get some random people be like, ‘Oh, can you imagine if white people made their own movie?’ You mean, movies? Is that what you mean, movies? Is that what you’re saying? It’s like, no, man, it’s just a fun movie, everyone can go, you have a good time. Black people enjoying themselves, it was dope,” said Noah about the Black Panther film in February 2018 when speaking about the movie on The Daily Show.

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