Angola Cables, the Angolan telecommunications company that is working on the first ever cable linking Afrika and South America, has announced that it is adding more peering points. The peering points to be added will be located at IX.BR Sรฃo Paulo and Fortaleza, Equinix Ashburn and Miami (formerly NOTA) and NIIX and De-CIX in New York.

Earlier in February the telecommunications company from Angola reported that their South Atlantic Cable System (SACS) was nearing completion as it had made landfall in Brasil.

![Angola Cables](/content/images/2018/05/20180525_181103.jpg)
Angola Cables (AS#37468) doubled the V4 sessions from 1373 to 2575 sessions with 1215 active sessions being registered on V6. Hurricane Electric Internet Services

โ€œThe new peering points will further enhance the overall performance and significantly reduce the latency for our customers globally, making AS#37468 more robust and reliable. The recent move into the Americas is part of a directed global strategy to continuously improve our IP network by connecting to dense data centers and major IXยดs in USA and Brazil

region. Collectively, these initiatives are having a positive impact on the quality IP transit ecosystem, backhauling and Mpls/VPN products on a carrier-class IP network,โ€ said Darwin Costa, IP Product Manager at Angola Cables.

Angola Cables already has other peering points around the world including Luanda, Angola and Johannesburg, South Aftica. The higher volume, high speed connectivity capabilities and services brought about by the recent introduction and commissioning of the Monet Cable System, (Angola Cables is a consortium member) is anticipated to significantly enhance connectivity between the USA and Brazil.

โ€œSince the implementation of our IP node in Sรฃo Paulo, Brazil โ€“ and becoming a member of IX.Br, the worldโ€™s largest internet exchange point of active peering members, we have seen a rapid and exponential growth in sessions across our IPV4 and IPV6 base respectively,โ€ concluded Costa.

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