Five Afrikan countries are set to benefit from a recently signed agreement between the Arab Esport Federation (AEF) and Global Esport Resources (GER). The agreement, which will be exclusive for 25 years, will see GER, a global Esport strategy, planning and execution company, own, develop and operate on behalf of and in conjunction with AEF, a first ever all-inclusive Esport gaming portal to aggregate and manage the Esport and video gaming activities of the 11 member AEF countries.

The 5 Afrikan countries which are members of AEF are Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya and Morocco.

![AEF GER](/content/images/2018/05/1--1-.jpeg)
Prince Faisal bin Bandar Al Saud, President Arab Esport Federation; along with Tom Smith, Managing Partner GER (left); Jim Walsh, Partner GER (right).

"We are very excited to be partnering with GER in this public/private effort to create the first ever single source HUB for all things associated with Esports and video gaming. As Esports moves toward becoming an Olympic sport there is a need for a coming together of the industry with collaboration among countries, to agree to clear rules, rights and duties practiced by organizations, players and publishing companies. With the creation of the HUB we have begun within our Federation to speak with one culturally sensitive voice while creating a vigorous platform for local, regional and international competitions and social interaction. The power of this combined effort gives our youth access to unparalleled opportunities otherwise inaccessible to a single country or individual," said Prince Faisal bin Bandar bin Sultan Al Saud, President at AEF.

As part of the long term exclusive deal, GER will own, build and operate an all-inclusive digital HUB for all things related to gaming and Esports within the AEF countries. This includes handling all AFE local, national and cross country tournaments, team activities, merchandising, sponsorships, and streaming and media rights. AEF and GER will collaborate to aggregate users within the HUB from all member countries in order to provide a combined audience for gaming development and competitive platforms, chat rooms, training and exclusive product access. The HUB will be the exclusive revenue producing entity for AEF and its member countries. Operations are expected to commence within 60 days.

"The shared revenue of the video gaming industry in AEF is estimated at $3 billion for 2017. Consolidating the gaming efforts across the 11 countries provides many unique opportunities for integration and consolidation of gamers, teams, platforms, equipment, streaming and sponsorship efforts. By creating a consolidated single entity AEF is essentially creating a one stop Esport market to rival the US and Europe in scope and revenue," said Tom Smith, Managing Director at GER.

Export has slowly been gaining importance across Afrika, so important that South Africa has professional Esport teams
such as the one run by Orlando Pirates Football Club

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