South Africa's SportsPodium is planning to use it's Ethereum ECR2 platform to build the largest decentralised database of mainly amateur sports data. As part of a campaign to spread the word about SportsPodium, the startup will be holding a challenge for golfers globally from June 21 to 28, 2018.

Jaco Rossouw, co-founder and CEO at SportsPodium, explained when speaking to iAfrikan that they chose goof because already, golfers are used to capturing their data after every round of golf.

β€œBlockchain will enable people to capture their daily training, dietary and competition information while being rewarded with cryptocurrency. By incentivising users with Blockchain tokens, we are essentially unlocking a value in sport that is both transparent and fair,” said Rossouw.

Rossouw further added that he thinks that blockchain technology has introduced a new way of solving some of the problems the world faces. As such, Sportspodium want to create the largest amateur sports database where anyone can capture their sporting activity data and hopefully be able to compare with the data of professionals and be incentivized for doing so.

The SportsPodium concept was first conceptualized by Rossouw in 2012. The information entered into the platform, according to Rossouw, is verified using various algorithms, and in return, users are incentivized with the platforms cryptocurrency tokens.

SportsPodium also has a network of sports ambassadors across several sporting disciplines, and this network of recognised, household names, along with community interaction, will ensure large-scale user adoption of the platform.

β€œSport empowers people, and it has the power to change the world. Through our network of ambassadors, SportsPodium is also a community project. A place where retired athletes, coaches, current athletes and peers all have a place. The benefits of this project filter from top to bottom and bottom to top, and it’s an opportunity for us to really grow sport and level the playing field,” said Natalie du Toit, Paralympic SA swimming star and Chief Development Officer for SportsPodium.

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