The world has finally become aware of the incredible potential of the Afrikan marketplace and the online betting industry has also caught on to the trend. Unlike Europe and other regions of the planet where younger populations shrink and baby-boomers make the bulk of the demographic figures, Afrika boasts a vivacious and economically active populace that ranges between the ages of 18 and 45, who also happen to be sports fans of the most zealous type.

Afrika's rich and diverse landscape does present a very unique and demanding challenge, but one that if properly tackled could transform into amazing gains for the investors.

"Afrika boasts a vivacious and economically active populace that ranges between the ages of 18 and 45, who also happen to be sports fans of the most zealous type."

Afrikan sports fans are among the most roundly balanced crowds on earth, with a betting taste that is fairly broad and inclusive. Their preferred sports discipline is without a doubt the classic staple of football (soccer as it is sometimes known), that explodes in effervescence each year with the UEFA Champions League, English Premier League, Spanish La Liga and every other major professional competition, but they hold other interests that include basketball, cricket, rugby and many other sporting codes.

Newcomers to the online betting craze in Afrika have many options including the likes of new entrant on the continent, Betway, a Maltese-based operation that offers sports action to Afrikan players. The steady growth of the Afrikan economy, while not equally spread in every country and region of the continent, has created a novel demand for sports betting products of the best quality and opening international portals to Afrikan punters is the best way of ensuring this happens.

The Afrikan player is a different kind of player

One of the main reasons why online betting has recently seen an increase within the realm of Afrikan business affairs is the lax character of the existing gambling regulations throughout most parts of the continent, with countries such as Nigeria and Ghana offering convenient laissez-faire arrangements for both the service provider and the regular user, often involving local banking entities that facilitate the transfer of funds in either direction. Other nations like South Africa have a more developed frame of betting regulations, while the Republic of the Gambia, for instance, has forbidden the practice entirely due to the traditional views on gambling held by the majority Muslim population.

The large Afrikan market shares some very singular features with other world groups such as the mainland China case, where most people still lack access to the Internet and very seldom own a home computer of their own, thus, most of their web accessing takes place via their smartphones. While millions of people now have access to the Internet, the quality of the connection very rarely matches those of 3G basic network standards or higher technologies; the average African Internet user possesses an average old-tech phone that would be unable to reproduce the latest developments in functioning apps of all kinds and purposes.

Keeping up with the rest of the world

Regular users of online sportsbooks and casinos in Europe and America are perfectly aware of the almost day-to-day evolution of their betting platforms, finding themselves in need of software updates, better connection and often times even a brand new phone. It is fundamental that the industry finds a way to more organically fit the Afrikan model, with casino games and sports betting apps that could be accessed from most standard and basic phone devices, and by branching out to every possible financial entity in the region to provide potential players with the best and most effective tools to make online betting a reality.

Afrika is a dream of a business niche for Internet betting, but it will require a very thorough and far-reaching strategy to be ultimately successful.

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