In an announcement that will probably please podcasters and vloggers, Microsoft is working on a version of Skype that will allow for call recording, including video calls. Known as Skype for Content Creators, it will also allow users to record Skype calls from within other external live streaming and software applications.

Microsoft says that Skype for Content Creators is currently in preview and will be rolled out to Windows 10 and Apple Mac users around Q2/Q3 of 2018.

"Now in preview, Skype for Content Creators is designed to open new interactive possibilities for our users all over the worldโ€”including leading digital broadcasters, streamers, and vloggersโ€”to record videos, podcasts, and live streaming calls without having to invest in expensive studio equipment," said a statement from Microsoft talking about the new Skype for Content Creators.

According to Microsoft, the new Skype feature for Windows 10 desktop and Mac users will provide a clean recorded feed for each call participant. At the end of the call, video and/or audio can be imported into your audio/video editing application of choice. Skype for Content Creators mode will also allow users to place and record calls directly within NewTek NDIยฎโ€“enabled software such as Wirecast, Xsplit, and Vmix.

The new mode on Skype is definetly a big welcome for podcasters as it will simplify the recording process especially when you want a clean recorded feed at source. Typically for podcasters looking to record a Skype interview or group discussion, you'd ask the other person to record themselves using external (outside of Skype) audio recording software while you do the same on your end. Thereafter, would come the task of taking all the audio recordings, editing them and putting them together before publishing. With Skype for Content Creators this whole process is simplified.

However, we can only fully celebrate once we can hear and see the quality of the final feed that Skype records.

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