Egypt's parliament has approved new draft laws for ride-hailing platforms such as Uber and Careem. One of the laws, which hasn't been well received by Uber and Careem drivers, states that ride-hailing apps drivers will be required to have an identifying sticker on their cars at all times, failing which they will be fined.

The fine that will be imposed on Uber and Careem drivers that fail to have an identifiable sign on their cars is 5,000 Egyptian Pounds (approximately $280).

β€œUber and Careem have impacted the interests of the original craftspeople, as they are working without licenses or taxis, therefore, there should be legislation to create balanced justice. Those companies have achieved extraordinary profits, and were working illegally, and the situation has changed and whoever wants to work in the Egyptian state should be subject to the laws of the country, the state is currently regulating the conditions of these companies to preserve the rights of taxi drivers who have been affected by them,” said Mohamed Zeineldin, Egypt's Transport and Communication committee parliament representative, in a televised interview.

These new laws were announced at the same period which saw Egypt's Administrative Court ban both Uber and Careem only for the countries Urgent Affairs Court to later lift the ban.

The new laws, which have also angered some Uber customers in Egypt, also include:

  • Ride-hailing platform drivers must always carry an operating card with them.

  • Egyptian government employees are prohibited from driving for ride-hailing platforms even in their free time.

  • Drivers are required to deal directly with ride-hailing platforms and not through agents.

Added to these are new operating fees, work permits, and taxes on the drivers and companies. This will undoubtedly lead to a price increase of the ride-hailing platforms.

Whether the route that Egypt's parliament is adopting is the best one is debatable, but it definitely will put a dent into Uber's and Careem's business in the northern Afrikan country.

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