MTN Zambia is rolling out 500 new mobile money kiosks in the southern Afrikan country. These kiosks are in addition to the 3,000 "retail points" that they have opened in Zambia.

In Zambia, MTN has approximately 6 million subscribers on its network and it is these subscribers that it hopes lure into their mobile money offering to transact daily for personal reasons or even for business.

โ€œMTN is at the forefront of financial inclusion through the unlocking of opportunities that our entrepreneurs can participate and benefit from. By placing our customers first, this has allowed us to take on the challenge by Bank of Zambia to roll out financial services to the unbanked population,โ€ said Charles Molapisi, Chief Executive Officer at MTN Zambia.

Like many executives and businesses involved in mobile money and payments, MTN has said that the roll out of the mobile money kiosks is part of their goal in Zambia to improve financial inclusion. It's quite tricky calling every new mobile money service a contributor towards an Afrikan country's "financial inclusion" especially when you consider that they,by design, service a group of the population that previously transacted purely in cash and most times are the lowest earners in their country. Once introduced to mobile money, customers now realize that the little they have doesn't stretch as further as it used to given transaction fees, which are typically higher (as a percentage of the total transaction amount) when customers transfer and transact in smaller amounts. However, mobile money services cannot be offered for free as service providers are businesses that need to make a profit.

โ€œWe are seeing close to 2,5 billion to 3 billion Kwacha transacted on the mobile money platform every month. We place our customers first and as such, aims to give them real value for being part of Zambiaโ€™s number one network and internet leader,โ€ added Molapisi.

In Zambia,like other countries on the continent, MTN also sells "social bundles" and in some instances zero rates some popular apps.

โ€œApart from providing affordable and fast internet for our customers, we have gone a step further to provide access to free Internet services such as WhatsApp, Instagram, TV Plus and Music Plus through โ€˜Matebeto Dibiliโ€™. This is our way of empowering our customers to modern ways of communicating to friends and family,โ€ concluded Molapisi.

Cover image credit: Charles Molapisi, CEO at MTN Zambia.

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