Jumia has released the final version of their Jumia One app publicly. Previously, in September 2017, iAfrikan reported on leaked screenshots and videos of what was to be Jumia's all-in-one consumer e-commerce app.

The Jumia One app will allow the e-commerce company's customers in Nigeria to shop online, pay bills such as DStv and electricity, as well as allowing retailers and others to advertise their products on Jumia's e-commerce platform.

![Jumia One App](/content/images/2018/03/Jumia-One-App.JPG)

"Our mission is to bring every online service in one place and make them easier, more secure and more affordable to everyone. Jumia One is in line with Jumia's mission of improving people's lives through the Internet. We have built a one-stop shop for Africa where people can fulfil their daily needs or payments online on a single app," said Paul Midy, CEO at Jumia, when announcing the Jumia One app.

Apart from some user interface changes and some few features, the Jumia One app performs the same functions as the previous test version in 2017. The Android app is currently available for users in Nigeria.

"The new app is useful to both customers and entrepreneurs looking to sell everyday goods and services. You can sell or buy airtime, make payments across different banks, pay your church offerings, pay for your betting games or favourite sports, book Uber, pay for Internet data, and most importantly, access all Jumia services, be it shopping for grocery or buying gadgets; ordering food online; or booking flights or a hotels," said Kushal Dutta, Managing Director at Jumia Nigeria.

Given financial statements reveal by investors in both Konga and Jumia, the e-commerce sector in Nigeria has proved to be tough to crack in the Western Afrikan country. In February 2018, Nigerian technology company, Zinox Group, acquired e-commerce company Konga for an undisclosed sum. Speaking at the time of the announcement of the acquisition, Gideon Ayogu, Head of Corporate Communications at Zinox, explained to iAfrikan that buying of Konga was a "straight cash deal" with Zinox hoping to "see Konga fully established in other Afrikan capitals" in the long term.

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