Nigeria's ChopUp has signed a distribution and partnership agreement with American company, GameMine Inc. (GameMine). Based on the partnership, GameMine will distribute ChopUp's Afrikan-themed mobile games globally.

What differentiates ChopUp's games from the multitudes of mobile games available is that the Nigerian startup's games are centered around Afrikan culture and narratives.

ChopUp Jagun Clash of Kingdoms

ChopUp's mobile game, "JAGUN, Clash of Kingdoms"

"The GameMine partnership puts our company on the international stage and distributes our games to millions of people around the world. This huge boost in exposure is fantastic for our company, and we're impressed that GameMine has shown so much interest in working with local businesses like ours. GameMine is taking concrete, proactive steps to create legitimate economic opportunities in geographic regions that need them, and we are very thankful for this," said Zubair Abubakar, Co-founder at ChopUp.

GameMine is an American-based mobile game publishing company with headquarters in Los Angeles, California. Its business model includes developing, licensing and acquiring mobile games to provide them to consumers. It operates in more than 135 countries around the world through a subscription-based mobile game marketplace.

"As GameMine continues to expand and refine our mobile game catalog, we are excited to be able to offer localized content to our subscribers. We have a very strong presence in Africa and I'm confident ChopUp's games will really resonate with our African subscribers," said Daniel Starr, CEO at GameMine.

The mobile game industry is a brutal one considering how quickly new mobile game companies are launched and fade away because of very limited ways they can generate revenue. This is as a result of consumers being used to free mobile games and being reluctant to purchase any new games. As such, mobile game publishers have resorted to in-app purchases while making their games free.

Also, discovery is hard if you are a new or small mobile game publisher thus distribution partnerships become key. To this effect, and likely to also benefit ChopUp, GameMine has been working to establish itself throughout Afrika during 2017 and some of their work is starting to bear results. The company has enteried into multiple partnerships with large companies including international mobile service providers, Vodacom, and Orange.

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