Uber has announced that it has setup an
Incident Response Team (IRT) call-back line for safety-related matters for riders in South Africa. The hotline will be available 24/7 and will be linked to Uber’s Global Incident Response Team.

The feature will allow Uber riders to receive a call back in case of safety-related matters. All a rider has to do is to input their number into the app and an IRT agent will call them back within minutes.

β€œWe are always looking for ways to improve communication with our community and we are excited to be announcing this call back line for riders for any safety-related matters they might have. We have listened to the hundreds of thousands of riders using the Uber app in South Africa and they've expressed the need to be able to speak with our teams in the event of a critical safety-related issue. While part of Uber’s commitment is to ensure rider safety, we strongly encourage riders to always first use the national emergency line (10111). With the introduction of the IRT call-back line, we are able to help riders speak with our dedicated IRT within minutes," said
Alon Lits, General Manager for Uber Sub-Saharan Afrika.

If you are an Uber rider, you can access the feature as follows according to the company:

  • Open the menu of the Uber app, and click 'Help'.

  • Click 'Trip and fare review'.

  • Select the trip in question.

  • Select 'I had a safety-related issue.

  • Submit a ticket through the node, including a contact number and short description of the event.

  • You will then receive a call-back within a couple minutes.

The announcement comes a couple of weeks after a Taxify driver was killed and burnt alive in South Africa by "traditional" cab drivers. It emerged that the Taxify driver's pending passenger alerted Taxify that his driver coming to collect him had notified him he was hijacked, Taxify failed to respond and only responded the following morning, by which time the driver was found burnt in the trunk of his car.

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