It has been revealed that 46,4% of businesses in Ghana are owned by women. This is according to the newly published "Mastercard Index of Women Entrepreneurs".

The Index is a weighted index that tries to help everyone better understand and identify factors and conditions that are most conducive to closing the gender gap among business owners in any given economy. The three factors include Women’s Advancement Outcomes, Access to Knowledge and Financial Services, and Supporting Entrepreneurial Factors.

β€œBotswana, Ghana and Uganda shine as examples of women’s determination to provide for themselves and their families and Africa excels at creating strong women entrepreneurs with the drive to succeed even in the face of financial, regulatory or technical constraints,” said Beatrice Cornacchia, Head of Marketing and Communications, Middle East and Africa at Mastercard.

The Index examined 57 different economies around the globe, including Botswana, Ethiopia, South Africa and Uganda; with Ghana, Nigeria and Malawi as new additions. One of the highlights from the index is a look at women business owners as a percentage of all business owners, the top 10 markets were revealed to be:

  1. Ghana – 46,4%

  2. Russia – 34,6%

  3. Uganda – 33,8%

  4. New Zealand – 33,0%

  5. Australia – 32,1%

  6. Vietnam – 31,3%

  7. Poland – 30,3%

  8. Spain – 29,4%

  9. Romania -28,9%

  10. Portugal – 28,7%

Another interesting outcome of the Index is that cultural perceptions of women entrepreneurs in Afrika are predominantly positive – at 69,1% in Uganda and 67,2% in Nigeria. This, apparently, is well above similar countries in the Middle East.

β€œToday, women entrepreneurs play an increasingly vital role – socially, professionally and economically – in driving the South Africa economy. However, they remain underrepresented among the ranks of entrepreneurs. This discrepancy is not just a gender issue, it is an issue of economic growth which needs to be addressed,” said Mark Elliott, division president of Mastercard, Southern Africa.

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