As part of its ongoing investment in capacity for future expansion, SEACOM has deployed 100Gbps Ethernet technology on its IP/MPLS data center core PoPs in Teraco Jhb and Cape Town. The deployment of the 100Gbps Ethernet technology is possibly the first of its kind in Afrika.

![Marc Tinka SEACOM](/content/images/2018/03/Mark-Tinka-SEACOM-3.JPG)
Marc Tinka, Head of Engineering at SEACOM.

β€œThis investment will enable us to grow our network and customer base while continuing to provide a reliable and consistent experience to Afrikan businesses, service providers, and consumers. Africa is becoming an important global player in the digital age, and we are committed to investing in the best technology to support the growth of Internet access across the continent,” said Mark Tinka, Head of Engineering.

According to SEACOM, upgrading their core routers and switches at the two Teraco PoPs to 100Gbps Ethernet technology, they have activated up to 400Gbps of routing and switching bandwidth at each facility. Also, SEACOM will now be able to scale both the Cape Town and Johannesburg PoPs to 3.2 Tbps and more.

This comes at a time when the attention on software-defined networking (SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV) is growing in the telecommunications industry. The hope is that these technologies, coupled with the deployment of 100Gbps Ethernet technology, will enable service providers and network operators to drive down capital expenditure, simplify configuration and maintenance, and improve the agility of their networks.

What is interesting to note as well is that the 100Gbps Ethernet technology upgrade on the IP/MPLS data center core PoPs in Teraco's Johannesburg and Cape Town dta centers also enables SEACOM to scale up the capacity it has acquired on the WACS undersea cable. This will further allow the telecommunications company to provide alternate traffic paths in the case of a SEACOM subsea cable system breaking or not being available.

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