Egypt is set to unveil a new fibre optics factory worth $15 million on Tuesday, 6 March 2018. The fibre optics plant to be opened in Badr City, is owned by HitekNofal Solutions and China's Hengtong Group according to Egypt's Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.

Present at the inauguration of the factory will be Yasser El-Qady, Egypt's Minister of Communications and Information Technology.

The opening of the fibre optics factory will be welcome in the North Afrikan country especially as the telecommunications sector has seen very little investment since the Arab Spring. Also, a recent report by Speedtest revealed that Egypt ranks 146th for download speeds on its fixed broadband infrastructure, and 95th for mobile Internet download speeds out of 150 countries surveyed.

The fibre optics factory forms part of the plan by Egypt;s government, through the state owned Telecom Egypt and the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, to speed up the development of the North Afrikan country's telecommunication infrastructure by replacing copper cables with fibre optic cables.

A report by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology in Egypt published in January 2018 has shown that Internet subscribers in Egypt increased by 3,10 million subscribers for the 2016/2017 financial year to 32,76 total Internet subscribers. Along with mobile phone subscribers decreased slightly from 99,5 million in August 2017 to 99,39 million in September 2017. This is made up of 42,3 million Vodafone subscribers, 24 million Etisalat Egypt subscribers, and 33 million Orange Egypt subscribers.

All these developments suggest that Egypt is catching up as far as its telecommunications sector is concerned and will likely bring it up to par with other large economies in Afrika, like South Africa, as far as telecommunications infrastructure and Internet speeds are concerned.

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