South Africa has been ranked as the country with the most inclusive Internet according to The Inclusive Internet Index 2018. The index assesses a country’s Internet inclusion based on 4 categories, namely availability, affordability, relevance, and readiness.

The Inclusive Internet Index 2018 has been published by The Economist's Intelligence Unit and it was commissioned by Facebook.

![The Inclusive Internet Index 2018](/content/images/2018/02/The-Inclusive-Internet-Index-2018-Executive-Summary.JPG)
The Inclusive Internet Index 2018 Executive Summary

"For the second year in a row, Facebook commissioned the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) to create a comprehensive Inclusive Internet Index. This year’s index covers 91% of the world’s population and an expanded data set of 86 countries, up from 75 countries in 2017. The index assesses a country’s internet inclusion across four categories: availability, affordability, relevance, and readiness. This captures the availability and quality of internet services, as well as ways in which people use the internet for personal, social, and economic purposes. In addition, this year’s index is published alongside a new global Value of the Internet Survey, which polled 4,267 respondents from 85 countries to gauge perceptions of how internet use impacts people’s lives," read a statement by Facebook's Robert Pepper (Head of Global Connectivity Policy and Planning) and Molly Jackman (Public Policy Research Manager), commenting on the release of The Inclusive Internet Index 2018.

Some of the interesting highlights to come out of the 2018 index include an interesting revelation is that emerging markets, especially Afrika, experienced the fastest and greatest progress over the last year. While connectivity worldwide grew 8.3%, there was a 65.1% increase in low-income countries. The proportion of households with Internet access in low-income countries grew from 8% to 13.2% (a 65.1% improvement)

The largest year-on-year increases were experienced by Rwanda (490%), Nepal (138%), and Tanzania (87.8%).

The Inclusive Internet Index 2018 ranking of South Africa as the top Afrikan country as far as Internet inclusion is concerned, especially considering one of the 4 categories it is assessed on is affordability, will likely come as a surprise to many in mobile Internet users in the Southern Afrikan country given the ongoing #DataMustFall campaigns protesting against the high cost of mobile data.

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