The Nelson Mandela Foundation has partnered with Facebook to ensure that their archives are digitized and made available publicly. The 3-year partnership announcement is in celebration of the former South African president's centenary celebrations which are happening under the theme, "Be the Legacy."

As part of the partnership, Facebook will work with the Nelson Mandela Foundation to document, preserve and make publicly available all of the geographically dispersed archives of the life and times of Nelson Mandela.

![Nelson Mandela Foundation Facebook](/content/images/2018/02/Nelson-Mandela-Foundation-Facebook.jpg)
Nunu Ntshingila (Regional Director of Facebook Africa), Sello Hatang (Chief Executive Officer at the Nelson Mandela Foundation), and Nicola Mendelsohn (Vice President Europe Middle East & Africa, Facebook) โ€“ at the Nelson Mandela Foundation.

โ€œWe are proud to be associated with the Nelson Mandela Foundation and the great work they do in not only preserving the legacy of Madiba but helping to facilitate dialogue around key issues. Our contribution will ensure that this work can continue, whilst making his lifeโ€™s works and learnings accessible to all,โ€ said Nunu Ntshingila, Regional Director (Afrika) at Facebook.

As part of this project, Facebook will also support the foundation on its social media channels, including Facebook Live streams of key global events throughout the centenary year.

โ€œThe partnership with, and the support from Facebook will allow the Foundation to achieve its objective of reaching different parts of the world, with the aim of building value-based societies.โ€ Said the Nelson Mandela Foundation Chief Executive Sello Hatang. โ€œWe hope that in the end we can look back and say we were able to use Madibaโ€™s centenary to build a world of his dreamsโ€ Sello Hatang, Chief Executive Officer at the Nelson Mandela Foundation.

Hatang also indicated that the Nelson Mandela Foundation will be rolling out multiple projects throughout the centenary year which will both "cement Madibaโ€™s legacy in the public domain, as well as allow the global community to celebrate his life-long commitment to making a positive impact in society."

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