You may or may not be surprised, but Afrika boasts some incredible tech startups that are beginning to make some massive waves. Here are just five of the said startups which are guaranteed to reach new heights this year and beyond.


Despite reaching great heights over the last couple of years – especially after being acquired by the Afrikan subsidiary of Ringier, a Swiss media company, in 2016 – DealDey looks set to grow to even bigger heights in 2018 and beyond. As TechCrunch echoes, e-commerce in Africa is set to reach $25 billion by 2025, and sites such as DealDey are the reason why.

Providing meals for African states and cities including Lagos, DealDey gives customers great prices on everything from homeware to technology, from spa days to hotels and travel.


Expansion through South Africa looks to be the goal for GoMetro, a mobile startup that gives commuters clear, concise Metrorail information on the app.

With new features such as Saved Trips and a map to show your route, it’s making public transport in Cape Town and surrounding areas much easier – something that is relied on heavily in Western countries and cities. And, with 39% of people spending more than five hours a day on their mobiles according to Ding, it’s definitely a useful app for residents to have.

A bonus for GoMetro is its Pro service, which gives public transport providers the opportunity to organize a perhaps chaotic fleet or system easily, making it much less convoluted on both ends of the scale – for the public transport providers and the users of said transport.


A perfect answer to any company’s finance organization, Mpayer is the perfect way to manage payments and grow a customer database. Born out of Kenya, this startup allows businesses to organize themselves and their databases much better, with solutions for payments, communications and much more.

And this company looks set to grow in the near future, with more businesses employing these solutions in order to organize the processes within the company better. Mpayer is a necessity in the African business landscape, and people are embracing it more than ever.


For African citizens looking for a job, there’s no better place to go than Fuzu. This careers company gives potential employees a hub to track great job opportunities, get personal advice from careers advisors and even gaining “Fuzu points” in order to unlock premium features.

Something that Fuzu does well that other jobseeking platforms don’t is an element of fun and excitement. With so many incentives and creative ways to look for jobs – as well as for employers looking for potential new recruits – Fuzu is one of Africa’s greatest exports. And, with 1,500,000 people using the startup to land a great role, it looks set to reach new levels of success.

Custos Media

Have you been noticing the Bitcoin boom recently? Custos Media have employed Bitcoin technology in one of unique ways in the world – intertwining it with imperceptible watermarking technology in order to protect digital media files from online privacy.

How does it work, though?

By using the Bitcoin blockchain to turn the downloaders of pirated files anonymously against the uploaders. It may sound convoluted, but it’s an incredible breakthrough and a showcase of the technological talent Africa boasts.

Are there any more breakthrough African tech startups we should be watching?

Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments below.

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