The government of Cape Verde has partnered with Makeblock to introduce robotics education in the country. The aim, according to the government, is to bridge the STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts Mathematics) education gap on the Verde Islands.

The mission will be carried out through a project in the Cape Verde Islands named as Weblabs.

![Cape Verde Weblabs](/content/images/2018/02/cape-verde-weblabs.jpg)
WebLabs containers, Cape Verde Islands.

"We are beyond excited to work with NOSI to help close the education gap in Africa. As a global leading company in STEAM education industry, Makeblock always shoulders the social responsibility to serve the whole of society. Makeblock, on this grand mission 'to take education to the next level all over the world' since day one, has been working actively with global partners to make the STEAM education accessible worldwide. Makeblock believes that with advanced STEAM education solutions, we can help children turn their ideas into reality and make creativity a way of their life," said Jasen Wang, Founder & CEO at Makeblock.

Weblabs was one of the objectives of NOSI's (the Operational Nucleus of the Information Society) e-Gov II, which is chaired by the Prime Minister of Cape Verde, with the target to bridge the STEAM education gap by applying advanced information technologies in Cape Verde's education system.

There are already 44 fully equipped laboratories in Cape Verde for the implementation of the WebLabs project. Makeblock has been appointed by the Cape Verde government as the exclusive provider of robot kits.

The company has already provided just under 1,000 advanced STEAM education robot kits for the WebLabs project, which includes mBot v1.1 Bluetooth, mBot Ranger 3, mBot Ultimate, and a large number of electronic modules. Furthermore, Makeblock also provided hands-on robotics training to technicians from the Ministry of Education and NOSI to help them teach STEAM to students.

Cover image credit: Makeblock technicians and Cape Verde technicians ahead of the Weblabs laboratory launch. | Makeblock

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