Scientists from South Africa's Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) have developed an early warning system that could assist in preventing mining deaths. The early warning and monitoring system called RockPulse constantly monitors rock-mass for micro-seismicity.

RockPulse along with another robot developed by the CSIR called Monster will be showcased at the Mining Indaba taking place in Cape Town, South Africa from 5 to 8 February 2018.

![RockPulse Mining](/content/images/2018/02/RockPulse-Mine-Testing.jpg)
RockPulse early waning and monitoring system being tested by the CSIR.

According to the CSIR, RockPulse is able to listen to raw micro-seismicity, extract micro-fracture features and analyze the resulting series of features to detect large instabilities taking place in the rock mass early. Continuous real-time monitoring of instabilities also allows for optimized safe re-entry times after hazardous events.

This is particularly important considering how sometimes in South Africa, as a result of seismic activity.

The CSIR developed Monster robot platform, which will also be showcased at the Mining Indaba, is equipped with safety inspection sensors to enter mines during safety periods to assess and identify risk for underground mines. This as a result of inaccessibility of some areas in mines which make them difficult and dangerous for human inspection after blasting.

There will also be other technologies on display at the Mining Indaba developed by the CSIR. These include the survey and inspection device, collision prevention system, occupational health and ergonomics technology solutions.

The Mining Indaba is expected to bring together investors, mining companies, governments and other stakeholders from around the world> The aim of the annual conference is to help advance mining in Afrika. The event has been hosted in South Africa for the past two decades, the organizers say that the other part of the Mining Indaba is to support education, career development, sustainable development, and other important causes related to the mining of mineral resources on the continent.

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