In a bid to eliminate fraud at football matches, the Football Association of Malawi (FAM) is set to introduce e-ticketing next season. The introduction of e-ticketing will not only help combat fraud which robs the league of ticketing revenue, but it is also likely to help with accurate ticketing and football match attendance statistics.

The announcement is reported to have been made by FAM's President, Walter Nyamilandu, at an awards gala dinner.

"We will set the pace next season by introducing E-ticketing to minimize gate fraud. We will introduce this new technology at Chilomoni Stadium and then we will engage Super League of Malawi to follow suit. This is the only way to improve our game so that key stakeholders can benefit from their sweat,” said Nyamilandu.

Nyamilandu added that match ticketing fraud has taken the game of football backward in Malawi. It is a public secret in Malawi that even some club officials benefit from the match ticketing fraud at football stadiums, robbing FAM and the league a lot of money that could go into the development of football in the Southern Afrikan country.

Supporters are also involved in the fraud of selling fake tickets at football matches. The phenomenon occurs highly during high profile football matches in Malawi.

It is not clear how e-ticketing will be implemented in Malawi and which technology will be used to implement it. Nyamilandu also didn't share any details of plans as far as preparing the stadia for e-ticketing and how the roll-out will work and how far down the line they are, as FAM, to implementing e-ticketing.

With Malawi's new football season set to kick off on 1 April 2018 with the Charity Shield match, and considering that previously Silver Strikes wanted to implement the e-ticketing idea but have done nothing so far, it is hoped that this is not an unintended April Fool's joke.

Cover image credit: Malawi Clubs African Club Continental Competitions record. | Football Association of Malawi

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