Personality is just as important as skill and experience when it comes to hiring new employees. A person can have all the talent in the world, but if they don’t work well with existing colleagues, they will not be able to bring any benefit to your business – possibly even doing it harm.

Sage South Africa has published an infographic detailing the five personality types most likely to achieve positions of leadership in business. At the expense of upsetting others from time to time, these personalities are able to drive a business forward because of their hard-working ethic and their determination to succeed at all costs.

However, with businesses around the world struggling to find the talented staff they need to grow their business, including throughout Africa, it is a challenge to find employees with both the skills you need and the demeanour to work well with those around them. Fortunately, there are a number of methods to help achieve this which, when combined, will boost your recruitment efficiency.

1. Business-centred social media

LinkedIn is evidence of how successful an entrepreneur-focused social media site can be. Users create online résumés as part of their profiles, listing their skills and experience which are often verified by colleagues and employers. This allows you to differentiate between the highly skilled candidates by noting encouraging or concerning comments about how well they work with others.

2. AI screening applications

As artificial intelligence becomes more intuitive and affordable, it is becoming more widely used in Africa: from analysing big data to predict purchasing habits to the development of virtual assistants. This is also true of recruitment, with AI software like that of Ideal able to automate résumé screening, scanning applications for your pre-defined requirements. Not only does using an AI remove the potential for bias, but by automating this activity, recruitment time can be reduced by up to 75%.

3. Personality tests

An essential aspect of any recruitment process should be a personality test. Whether you use the easy-to-administer and <a href="" target="_blank"well-defined Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, or the more reliable Five Factor Model, these tests will help give an indicator of the candidate’s preferences and stressors, meaning you can make an informed decision about how well they will work with others in your business.

Be careful to provide a balance in your teams. While confident and inspirational leaders are essential for developing forward-thinking ideas, they rarely do the work themselves. If you want to achieve ambitious goals, be sure to hire staff capable of fulfilling the work, too.

4. Remote working

Communication and collaboration tools like e-mail, Skype, and Slack allow people to work, speak and share ideas and documents from anywhere in the world. So, when seeking new personnel, don’t compromise or limit yourself by only hiring those in your geographical area, but consider the benefit of bringing on board suitable candidates from around the globe.

Technology is making it easier and faster than ever to find and hire skilled and experienced personnel quickly. Just be sure to factor their personality type and references into your final decision to ensure they can perform effectively and efficiently for your business.

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