A newly announced app, TNC Short Stories, will pay writers when their 5-minute short stories are read. The app was developed by The Naked Convos (TNC), a community for young Nigerians.

TNC Stories, or Stories by TNC as it is also known, is available for download for both iOS and Android users.

TNC Stories

"After running The Naked Convos for several years, we decided to take a step back to do a significant analysis of our audience. In a world where publishers are struggling but platforms with messaging apps are consistently recording growth, this was necessary,” said Olawale Adetula, founder of Helium Media.

Adetula's Helium Media is a content company dedicated to helping Afrika's content creators to monetize their the content they publish. The company has various platforms and now adds the TNC Stories app to its list of offerings. To date, Helium Media reports that it has, on its books, 1,000 content creators registered that it works with across Afrika.

"One of the things that quickly became clear to us was that conversations are the most convenient and natural way for people to consume content. This led to a series of experiments with content formats and after several iterations, we ended up with the TNC Stories app," added Adetula.

The model being adopted by the TNC Stories app is not new in the digital media publishing sector. Recently it has come to the fore with Ev Williams' Medium announcing that it will pay those who publish their writing on the platform based on the number of digital claps, appreciation, they receive for their writing.

What is different with TNC Stories, however, is that the short stories are delivered in short bursts of text messages like you on a messaging service. Readers can then react to each message with an emoji and if they enjoyed a particular story they can let the writer know by leaving a comment.

The writer has an admin dashboard where they can see how much they have made from their stories, how many stories they have published and an option to "Payout" when they have reached the minimum cashing out threshhold.

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