Twitter engineers, employees and some senior staff members at the social media company have revealed that they are able to, and required as part of some of their work, read Twitter users' private Direct Messages (DMs). This is done apparently to analyze information in the messages to create virtual profiles of Twitter users which they, in turn, sell to advertisers.

This comes as some Twitter employees were secretly recorded admitting that they can view everything you post on their servers, including private "sex messages," and "d*ck pics."

"We can actually read your DMs," Clay Haynes, Senior Network Security Engineer at Twitter, can be seen and heard saying in the opening seconds of the secret recording.

Haynes goes on in the video to explain that what they actually do at Twitter is "actually terrifying" while one former Twitter employee says that they "aren't as creepy as Google and Facebook" as if to play down what seems to be Twitter's invasion of users' privacy.

"Even after you send them [DMs], people are like, analyzing them, to see what you're interested in, to see what you're talking about, and they sell that data," said Pranay Singh, Direct Messaging Engineer at Twitter, in a somewhat joking mood about how some Twitter employees can read users DMs as part of their work.

The Twitter employees confirm that Twitter employs over 300 people to "view everything you post", mostly for advertising purposes but in some cases to review what might be sensitive information that is being posted. The undercover recording has been released by Project Veritas.

Previously, Twitter has been accused of, and it has been confirmed, of shadow banning some users whose tweets it decided, on its own, were offensive. Shadow banning involves filtering a user's tweets such that other users who follow them cannot see them yet the user is not aware.

The reality about these revelations is that all Twitter users actually agreed to the Terms and Conditions and specifically the Privacy Policy.

![Twitter Privacy Policy](/content/images/2018/01/Twitter-Privacy-Policy-Direct-Messages.JPG)
Twitter's Privacy Policy

The company's Privacy Policy clearly states that in relation to "Direct Messages and Non-Public Communications" on Twitter:

"When you privately communicate with others through our Services, such as by sending and receiving Direct Messages, we will store and process your communications, and information related to them,"

This leaves a wide open door for Twitter employees to do as they please with what you as a user, might consider private communication, but actually, it isn't. This takes "sliding into DMs" to a whole other level.

![Slide into DMs](/content/images/2018/01/giphy.gif)

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