<a href"http://www.bbm.com/" target="_blank">BBM Messenger (yes, it still exists), which is now owned by Creative Media Works, has partnered with Uber to allow users to request rides from within the instant messaging (IM) app. The feature will be rolled out to all BBM Messenger users including those in Afrika.

The BBM Messenger app is available for both Android and iOS mobile devices.

![Uber BBM Messenger](/content/images/2017/12/BBM-Uber.png)
How to request an Uber ride from BBM Messenger.

β€œMillions of people around the world use BBM Messenger to stay in touch. This partnership means they will now be able to request an Uber from within the BBM ecosystem. A safe, reliable and affordable ride is now at the fingertips of even more people,” said Chan Park, General Manager, South East Asia at Uber.

The Uber Ride service can be found as an icon within BBM Messenger's Discover feature.

β€œUber has grown to play such a key role in so many parts of the world today. We’re happy to connect our millions of active users with the service, giving them an easy and reliable transportation option at their fingertips within the BBM eco-system,” said Matthew Talbot, CEO at Creative Media Works.

It works pretty much the same as the Uber app, users launch Uber Rides from the Discover menu in BBM Messenger. After that, the new Uber service asks users to sign in with their mobile number or connect with a social media account. Once logged in, the service accesses their profile and settings, automatically detects their location, and loads a map. Riders simply enter their destination, tap the Request Uber button as well as payment option, and wait for their ride to arrive.

β€œWe are excited to be working with BBM Messenger - our first partner in Asia Pacific to use the m.uber platform to request an Uber ride for their users without ever having to leave the BBM app. With this partnership, BBM users can quickly request an Uber ride via BBM despite variations in quality of location, network speed, or device features,” said Chan.

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