Google has announced that developers in South Africa can now sell their apps on the Google Play Store. Before this announcement, developers from South Africa could only offer free Android apps on the Play Store.

The announcement also means that developers in South Africa can also offer in-app purchases, and subscriptions in Google Play, with monthly payouts to their local bank accounts.

β€œWhile there have been plenty of amazing apps built in South Africa, the process of monetizing them was never as smooth as we knew it could be. By allowing local developers to monetize their products on the Play Store, we’re underscoring how serious we are about digitally empowering South Africans," said Luke McKend, South Africa Country Director at Google.

Android developers based in South Africa can get started right away by signing in to their Developer Console and setting up a Google merchant account. If their apps are already published as free, they can monetize them by adding in-app purchases and/or subscriptions.

Once a developer has prepared their apps and in-app products, they can price them in any available currencies, publish, and then receive payouts and financial data in South African Rand. Visit the developer help center for more details.

The announcement is likely to be welcomed by many South African Android developers who can now monetize their apps. There has been no indication from Google on when other Afrikan countries will also be able to monetize their Android apps.

Google also announced their Google Developers Launchpad Africa programme. This is a hands-on mentorship programme tailored to startups based in Afrika, according to the Silicon Valley company.

The Afrika edition of the programme builds on the existing Google global Launchpad Accelerator programme, this initiative will operate from a new Google Launchpad Space in Lagos (the first onsite location for the programme outside the US).

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