Accenture along with their partners – Transunion and The Da Vinci Institute – has announced the winners of the Innovation Index 2017. The announcement was part of the the Accenture Innovation Conference that took place in Johannesburg on 17 October 2017.

The awards ceremony honoured businesses of all sizes for championing innovation in their own industries.

![Accenture Innovation Index 2017 Insights](/content/images/2017/10/insights2016.jpg)
Accenture Innovation Index Insights 2016.

“All participants were assessed based on their level of advancements in innovation – from the ability to modernise their products and solutions, to how they take them to market,” said Ntombi Mhangwani, Africa Director for Integrated Marketing & Communications at Accenture.

The Accenture Innovation Index measures, recognises and rewards innovation and systems of innovation in organisations of all sizes in the South African public and private sectors every year. The Index is designed to provide a national benchmark for innovation, providing businesses and policymakers with an authoritative and objective snapshot of the state of innovation within their organisations and in South Africa.

“We paid special attention to their concepts, product developments, process and system designs, as well as how they delivered and commercialised their offerings. We also looked at their commitment to projects across the organisation, including senior management; and ability to make use of ever evolving technology in all its forms as a way of improving value to customers and operational procedures.” added Mhangwani.

Here is a full list of the 2017 Accenture Innovation Index:

  • Overall Innovation Master (turnover in excess of R35m): First National Bank (FNB)

  • Overall Innovation Master (turnover less than R35m): Bramhope Group

  • Large Enterprise (joint winners) Concept category: InterGreatMe and FNB

  • Medium Enterprises Concept category: KEY360 App

  • Small Enterprises Concept category: HearScreen TX concept

  • Emerging Enterprises Concept category: ColonyLive

Accenture have indicated that all the winners will receive a customised innovation diagnostic that identifies innovation gaps and strengths, provides a benchmark by turnover and sector, and includes strategies that may help them to improve their businesses and gain competitive advantage.

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