Nigerian owned Telcomm Satellite TV (TSTV) has launched its satellite television offering, TSTV Africa, in the West Afrikan to offer customers an alternative to Multichoice's DSTV. TSTV Africa will be available and start broadcasting on 1 November 2017.

A TSTV subscription will come with a complimentary Internet access package at no extra cost as the TSTV Africa smart decoder also serves as a router for a maximum of 15 users.

![TSTV Africa](/content/images/2017/10/Screenshot_2017-10-11-10-10-08.png)

To complement the Internet connectivity, the smart decoder also has a Wi-Fi feature.

"We are releasing about one million [smart decoders] which can go round and our target for the first quarter is one million units. In every quarter we will bring one million units and we are targeting four million units within the next one year," said Bright Echefu, Managing Director at TSTV Africa, at a media briefing.

What is interesting, given recent criticism of Multichoice in Nigeria, TSTV will launch with the Pay-Per-view (PPV) and "Pause Subscription" options. Just like its competitor, the smart decoder has a PVR function that enables subscribers to record and replay shows.

Likely the biggest news coming out of the TSTV launch is that the company, which is 1005 Nigerian owned, has been granted a 3-year tax relief as well as tax-free dividends to investors in the company. by Nigeria's Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed. This will undoubtedly help TSTV gain traction and compete in a pay-TV market already dominated by Multichoice.

The Nigerian Pay-TV service will launch with over 70 channels spanning news, music, religious, sports, health, kids, fashion and lifestyle genres. TSTV uses the ABS-3A satellite to broadcast.

Earlier in June 2017, TSTV announced the launch of its Direct-To-Home (DTH) service in partnership with ABS. The ABS-3A satellite at 3°W in Nigeria. The ABS-3A is well suited for broadcasting to Nigeria given its orbital slot located at 3°W.

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