South Africa's Film and Publications Board (FPB) has revealed new proposed fees that video on demand services and app stores must pay. The proposed tariffs are to be paid by the relevant companies in order for the FPB to classify content for distribution.

The draft review of tariffs covers fees for classifying video (films and series) as well as games. Added to this there is a proposed license fee to be paid annually by online distributors.

The proposed tariffs are divided into 3 tiers depending on the amount of titles a company distributes:

  • 0 - 499 titles: $19(R259.31)/title for films and apps. $76(R1,037.24)/season for series.
  • 500 - 999: $15(R207.45)/title for films and apps. $61(R829.79)/season for series.
  • 1,000+: $12(R165.96)/title for films and apps. $49(R663.83)/season for series.

Starting from 29 September 2017, the FPB has invited comments on the draft tariffs. Comments will be open until 28 October 2017.

The current license fee for online distribution in South Africa is $59,000(R795,000), but it has been reported that earlier in 2017 distributors such as Netflix and Microsoft (for its app store) refused to pay the fee which has led to the new draft tariffs.

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