FNB South Africa is accelerating its digital banking plans with the launch of their latest generation of FNB-branded ConeXis smartphones. The smartphones come in two models, the entry-level ConeXis A2 and the flagship device, the ConeXis X2.

FNB ConeXis X2

FNB South Africa ConeXis X2.

The smartphones will be available for purchase from 2 October 2017.

“It’s been over two years since the launch of FNB Connect and roughly a year since FNB became the first bank in Africa to launch its own branded smartphones. We are incredibly excited about our digital journey and ongoing commitment to empower our customers with tools to fully embrace an end-to-end digital experience. We are enabling digital migration at an affordable cost to emphasise our focus on customer centricity,” said Dr Christoph Nieuwoudt, CEO at FNB Consumer Segment,

The South African bank also highlighted that even though they are selling the smartphones, including other brands of smartphones, they are not really in the business of selling [mobile] handsets but rather "selling them [customers] the digital experience of banking,". This is demonstrated by the fact that the ConeXis smartphones come pre-loaded with the FNB Banking app along with video tutorials of how to use the app and any of the FNB digital services. The aim, according to FNB South Africa, is to reduce the amount of instances customers need to visit their physical branches.

FNB South Africa ConeXis Launch

“Listening to customer needs helps us to provide a meaningful experience. The next generation of FNB ConeXis smartphones provides a premium experience at an affordable cost, and our competitive deals offer inclusive value for our Retail banking customers. More importantly, the integration of Connect into FNB’s banking platforms helps customers to exercise full control over their telco-spend and could potentially get the respective smartphones for free if they are on eBucks reward level 5,” said Len Pienaar, CEO at FNB Connect says,

The flagship FNB ConeXis X2 comes with 32GB storage capacity, multifunctional fingerprint reader and enhanced dual rear camera capabilities with 3D photo shooting. The X2 is enabled with Tap & Pay functionality using Near Field Communication (NFC) and has a pre-installed FNB widget that allows instant message viewing, viewing of Connect subscription usage balances and access to perform a quick recharge should the need arise.

The A2 also has a 4.5 inch display and 8GB memory powered by an improved 2000 mAh battery. Both devices are preloaded with FNB’s zero-rated banking App and calls from Connect SIM subscribers to the FNB contact centre are free, thus providing means to bank anywhere and at any time.

Through their MVNO, FNB Connect, the bank announced the Ultimate package at the same time as the smartphones. This allows FNB Connect subscribers to make calls to any network for R399 with 4,000 voice minutes.

FNB Connect subscribers will also enjoy a ‘Double Your Data’ offer for any once-off data bundle purchase for the ConeXis A2 or X2 respectively.

Dr Nieuwoudt says their latest move signals ambitious long-term plans to make Connect a telecommunications provider of choice for FNB customers.

“The seamless integration of Connect into our banking platforms provides a unique proposition for our customers. Banking and telco services have long become part of every customer’s life and we are committed to enabling customers to extract maximum value,” said Niewoudt.

FNB Connect has sold 487,000 smart devices (different brands) as well as 75,000 ConeXis A1 and X1 smartphones.

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