Konga, through its KongaPay service, will now be offering a distributed banking service to its customers in Nigeria. This will be possible thanks to KongaPay's partnership with the United Kingdom's RedCloud Technologies.

Using what is known as a 'Banking as a Platform' model, KongaPay will use RedCloud's technology to enable the banks to offer innovative digital financial services via its rapidly growing merchant network. This also presents merchants with other benefits such as increased revenues as they essentially act a bank's agent.

![RedCloud One Platform](/content/images/2017/09/diagram.png)
How the RedCloud One platform delivers banking services through merchants.

"KongaPay payment solution's partnership with RedCloud attests to our drive to make Nigerians and Africans at large experience the best of service at their convenience. This means we constantly evolve to be more relevant to customers and society. KongaPay is designed to be fast, reliable, secure, flexible and above all provides a best-in-class financial solution to Nigerians and Africa at large," said Olayemi Jinadu VP of Payment Products and Digital at Konga.

With this implementation, KongaPay will aim to facilitate the initiation and completion of transactions in a seamless manner to accelerate distributed banking in Nigeria.

"We believe Nigeria will realize its considerable untapped potential for this new kind of technology platform as it enables banks, retailer[s], and agents, to work together to deliver financial services at scale. Konga is a company we have admired for some time and who have a proven record in e-commerce. We are delighted to partner with them to offer a new technology model: one platform connecting all stakeholders in the financial ecosystem," said Justin Floyd, CEO at RedCloud.

Agency banking, or branchless banking as it is sometimes known, has been suggested as one of the methods to scale up financial inclusion in Afrika.

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