Zambia's capital city, Lusaka, will soon be introducing digital grave identification. This is according to the city's mayor, Wilson Kalumba.

Kalumba has said that the Lusaka City Council has approved the digital grave identification solution and is currently looking for a partner to implement it across the city's cemeteries. The solution is being introduced for easy identification of grave sites.

"Sometimes you find confusion at cemeteries, especially where a tombstone was not erected leading to cases of another family attempting to bury their loved ones on the same spot. We have also cases of skeletons being dug out almost on a monthly basis due to poor records management,” Kalumba is reported to have said.

It is hoped that once the system is implemented, with the support of Lusaka's residents, it will make identification of grave sites easier and likely bring order to cemeteries.

Lusaka will not be the first Afrikan city seeking to implement such a solution. In 2015, South Africa's City of Tshwane indicated it wanted to implement a similar solution that will also allow it to store data and help with mapping of family trees among other things.

Image Credit: Mutumbi Cemetery and Remembrance Park.

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