Egypt’s digital economy is tipped to reach a $3,5 billion in 2017. This was revealed at the Egypt Inspire event hosted by SAP.

The forecast is based on the fact that Egypt's ICT industry contributes $3,17 billion to the North Afrikan country's GDP according to the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.

One of Egypt’s leading ICT companies, EOH, an ARETA Global company, stated at the event that cloud technology will usher in new business insights and transform the citizen and customer experience, especially for SMEs.

“Egypt’s organizations want to stay relevant and competitive in the Digital Economy. With the cloud, SMEs can gain the same levels of business competitiveness as large enterprises,” said Islam Youssef, Chief Technology Officer at EOH.

SAP also announced also announced a new investment plan for Egypt, and the appointment of a new Managing Director for its subsidiary in the country, Cherif Morcos.

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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