Moneytrans has launched their mobile remittances app in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). This is said to be possibly the first mobile remittances app in the country.

Moneytrans is a European payment company which started operations in the DRC in 2004.


"We are proud to introduce the first full-fledged remittance App in DRC; we strongly believe in a hybrid multi-channel model, letting our customers choose how to send or receive their money." said Francisco Sanchez Apellaniz, CEO & Founder at Moneytrans.

The iMoneytrans app was developed in consultation with Moneytrans customers and it will allow them to o send money in minutes in and outside Afrika to any of the 250,000 Moneytrans locations.

"We spent the last years working with our customers to provide a state-of-the art remittance mobile App having all the functionalities of the best Apps already in use on other continents," said Jeremy De Smet, COO at Moneytrans.

Previously, people who wanted to send or receive money using any remittance service in the DRC have had to bear with the hassles of travelling long distances, spending hours queuing, and facing other hurdles such as limited working hours or power outages. With the app's launch, these inconveniences are minimized.

"The Afrikan ecosystem requires innovative solutions to increase financial inclusion. With a strong economic growth, an ever-increasing number of Smartphones users and a favorable legal framework, the DRC is a great destination for investment in banking and technology. Moneytrans - whose strategy is to become a neo-bank for migrant workers in Europe - is also seeking to becoming a major digital financial player in the DRC," concluded Laetitia Carbajo, Head of marketing at Moneytrans.

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