Nigeria's National Information Technology Agency (NITDA) is set to establish a a National Cyber Security Research Center (CSRC). This, in a bid to build capacity and co-ordinate incident management and contributing to knowledge generation in cyber security.

Nigeria has not been spared in the global increase of cyber attacks. In 2016 the NITDA revealed that Nigeria loses 89,55 billion Naira ($450 million) a year to cyber crime.

β€œIt is imperative to note that this war cannot be fought in isolation. Nations collaborate, share strategies and highly classified information and skills," said Christopher Okeke, Director of Cyber Security at NITDA, in a statement.

The CSRC will be one of the new measures by the Nigerian government to combat cyber crime. The has also introduced the Nigerian Cybercrimes Bill - which became law on 15 May, 2015. The law provides for the prohibition, prevention, detection, response, investigation and prosecution of cybercrimes; and for other related matters.

According to Okeke, Nigeria is already working with Cyber Security Malaysia and the Canadian Cyber Incident Response Center (CCIRC) on establishing the CSRC.

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