Drivers of Kenya's top ride-hailing platforms - Little, Taxify, Uber and MondoRide - went on strike on 11 September 2017 over remuneration. The main issue was that they work hard with little to show for it in return.

The strike is primarily prompted by continuous price cuts (special offers) by the ride hailing platforms with some drivers also complaining that the platforms took too much commission. The strike resulted in surge pricing on Monday morning on Uber and very few cars, if you were lucky to see any, being available to service user demand.

"We are being exploited by these companies and we are tired of it. There is no sensible profits we are making, the terms have to change for everyone to be happy," Daniel Omondi, ride-hailing drivers' representative, reported to have said.

The strike will continue indefinitely if their terms are not met according to David Muteru, chairperson of Digital Taxi Association of Kenya (DTAK). Muteru is also reported to have stated that they will be presenting the ride-hailing platforms with a proposal which will determine the duration of the strike.

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