Oxygen8 South Africa has implemented the BlockFraud software across all South African mobile carrier networks to combat mobile billing fraud. BlockFraud eliminates some of the most pervasive forms of mobile carrier billing fraud.

"The proprietary technology BlockFraud has developed to combat mobile billing fraud worldwide is unsurpassed," said Massimo Cristini, CEO atBlockFraud.

After implementing BlockFraud's IFrame Blocker and Block Fraud Monitor, South Africa's mobile operators will experience some of the following benefits according to Oxygen8:

  • Complete elimination of malicious framing and malware across all South African mobile carrier networks.

  • Identification of major ad network currently distributing malware which auto-subscribes users to services without their consent.

  • Identification of more than 300,000 mobile devices infected with malware that were causing latency and other delays due to fake subscriptions bogging down Oxygen8 South Africa's systems.

  • Reduced company workflow due to eradication of fraudulent activity, which in-turn reduces customer service complaints and tracking issues.

  • Increased transparency between Oxygen8 South Africa and partners due to improved clarity regarding traffic quality.

Oxygen8 provides billing services to a range of companies and sectors globally. Among its clients it counts mobile networks, newspaper groups, radio and television stations, major high street retailers and banks.

"The immediate and overwhelming effectiveness of these solutions, coupled with the ease of implementation and operation, has made our decision to work with BlockFraud an obvious and vastly beneficial choice on several levels, and is something we strongly recommend for anyone who operates within the mobile carrier billing space," concluded Dhavelin Chetty, Operations Manager at Oxygen8 South Africa.

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