Gebeya has launched their developer marketplace and opened an office in London, England. The company offers both a Pan-Afrikan Edtech platform as well as a developers marketplace.

The developers' marketplace will match European customers with skilled, certified and multilingual software developers. The aim, according to Gebeya, is to increase the accessibility of software developers in Europe at competitive market rates.

"We are excited with our success so far but our growth reflects the increased demand for digital talent in the global market. On this regard, we have created a self-sustainable ecosystem that trains, hires, and incubates the best of African talent so as to produce world class software developers and mitigate the global demand of digital talent," said Amadou Daffe, Co-Founder, and CEO at Gebeya.

Gebeya launched its first office in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in 2016 with a small team. Today, Gebeya has more than tripled in size and tripled in presence by expanding to Nairobi (Kenya), Silicon Valley (U.S.) and launching in London (UK).

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