Internet restrictions have been enforced in Togo following protests against President Faure Gnassingbe. The restrictions have been ordered by the country's government.

Starting on 6 September 2017 some Internet users in Togo started raising concerns about limited or restricted access to some social media sites as well as a sharp decline in Internet speeds.

The protests kicked off on 19 August 2017 where police are reported to have tear gassed protesters and in the process killed two people. Following the first protests in August, Togo's opposition parties kicked off another protest on 6 September 2017 calling for wide ranging political reforms including the reinstatement of presidential term limits.

Speaking to a Togolese radio station government spokesperson, Gilbert Bawara, confirmed that the government did order the Internet shut down when he said that even in some developed countries governments take control of telecommunications in some cases,

It is becoming a worrying trend that Afrikan governments are using Internet access as leverage to try and stop those who voice disagreement with them. More worrying is that they enforce Internet shutdowns without any thought for the economic or social impact it has.

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