Although there are some benefits to using freelancers, in my opinion, it is far better to outsource your software development project. While situations may differ, below are my 7 reasons why should outsource instead of using freelancers.

1. Better Communication

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Unless you have the time to manage the whole development project by yourself, it's better to outsource to a team that has its own project manager. Using freelancers might sound enticing until you encounter some issues:

  • If you hand pick a team made up of different freelancers, their time zones may differ and this will complicate communication.

  • Another issue that can complicate project success is language differences. The individual freelancers might not all be good at English or your language of choice and this will likely hamper communication. Moreover, it may lead to misunderstandings.

  • With an outsourced team comes a central point of contact, a project manager who is already familiar with the team.

2. Less Risk


While you run a risk of hiring an incompetent and low-level freelancer, an outsourced team can't afford to have such a person among them.

3. They Are Motivated


4. Full Support

![Project Manager](/content/images/2017/09/PM.jpg)

The outsourced team's roject manager will help you with many things including project documentation.

Whereas, freelancers just wait for a task from you.

5. Good Enough For Large Projects

Skills of freelancers, especially of new ones are questionable. So the development of large projects with many freelancers in them may become quite risky.

Outsourcing teams typically know how to work together, which reduces risks in large projects and issues only being discovered much later.

6. Faster And Cheaper

Outsourcing teams are more likely to complete a project faster than a team of freelancers.

7. Think Long Term

While you have large projects it's way better to be sure that after the development phase, your team is ready to support, maintain, change and rework if there is any need for it.

At the same time freelancers would jump into different projects, so they hardly provide you full support. Moreover, as for other freelancers hired for maintenance, they need quite some time to get to know your project code.

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