Whatever your startup, business or company fields, you really need a website. As a result, because you might not be able to create one on your own, or don’t want to mess with website builders you should choose between an outsourcing team or freelancers.

Hiring AngularJS developers is a good decision for your first website. Let's have a look at the main benefits for both: outsourcing team and freelancers.

Benefits Of Freelancers

Below is a list of what I would say freelancers are good for:

  • Huge supply: There are many of them. Really, you may choose from thousands of freelance platforms.

  • Cost flexibility: Hourly rate may extremely vary, and may be significantly low. You would be hard pressed to find cheaper services anywhere else.

  • Build your own team: You can manage your team of freelancers on your own and you have the ability to choose which ones to work with.

I would say these are the three main benefits of hiring freelancers.

Benefits Of Outsourcing Your Software Development

The first thing you are likely to pick up is that outsourcing teams and companies are a bit more expensive than hiring freelancers. Below are some of the benefits to outsourcing your software development:

  • All in one: You get all the software development specialists you need in one place. You don't need to look elsewhere as you have one point of contact for your software development needs.

  • Established teams: They have likely been working together for some time, so they fully understand each other. They would not waste much time on a project on non-project related tasks.

  • Maintenance: Outsourcing teams are more likely to maintain your project for a longer time as opposed to a freelancer.

To be fair, most of freelancer benefits also apply to outsourcing teams. For example, large teams would give you a chance to choose from their specialists if your project is quite small.

Before embarking on your software development project, do consider the benefits of freelancers and outsorcing your software development and choose based on your project needs.

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