Senior military officers from Lesotho visited China's JTT Technology, a company that specialises in industrial drones (UAVs). The purpose of the visit, which started on 31 July 2017, was to gather insights about drone technology and its application in various industries.

Other military officials that made the trip too were from Zanzibar (Tanzania).

JTT’s T60 V series drones feature 55 minutes long flight time, satisfy the need of nonstop working for a long time above the sea. The built-in long distance high-definition transmission device makes the maximum transmission distance reach up to 20 km, supporting multiple receiving points.


JTT introduced its industrial drone series, wireless transforming system and core UAV technology, also presented the delegation a flight demonstration functioning with aid pack, loudspeaker, searching light and other payloads.

The T60 series drones also have an infrared thermal device, HD zoom camera, first-aid packs enable which enable them to provide useful services in cases of emergencies.

Also important to note that some JTT drones are widely used in aerial surveillance, public security, search and rescue, environmental monitoring, agriculture and pipeline inspection. This would she'd light on what the Basotho and Zanzibar delegations are looking to use the drones for.

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