DigiBot™, a South African startup, has possibly become the first ever Afrikan company to release a payment gateway integrated into Facebook Messenger.

The South African startup is also one of the top 8 finalists of the Embassy of Israel (in South Africa) Tel Aviv Microsoft Biz Spark 2017 innovation competition.

According to DigiBot's Co-Founders, Prakhar Srivastava and Tyrone Crowie, their chatbot solution cateres for companies that already have a notable online presence. The aim is to simplify the communication gap between b2b and b2c by using smart messaging and programmatic AI (Artificial Intelligence).

DigiBot's technology allows any business to start a communication channel with their customers via popular social media outlets and corporate websites alongside the likes of Facebook, Google, WeChat, thus allowing real time communication between customers and service providers. This, according to the South African startup, is key as it allows businesses to interact with customers without customers having to leave their favorite app.

What is even more important is that it allows for payments to be made by customers using Facebook Messenger.

DigiBot has already worked on chatbots for different companies in specific industry sectors such as: insurance, real estate, medical practitioners and education.

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