Last week we reported on a ruling by South Africa's Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA) which stated that Uber drivers are now able to form unions, bargain and strike. In a statement sent to iAfrikan, Uber South Africa have clarified that the ruling as it is only applies to seven of its driver partners.

"As you may have heard, a CCMA ruling was issued this week finding an employment relationship between seven deactivated driver-partners and Uber South Africa. This change will only apply to these seven individuals, and there is a long legal challenge ahead before this ruling can be considered a win, or a loss for any side on this important issue," says the statement from Uber South Africa.

The ruling was handed down as the Uber drivers had cited unfair dismissal among some of the reasons they presented to the CCMA.

With Uber being one of the most prominent companies spearheadung the sharing and on-demand economy, this specific labour case in South Africa is being closely observed as it could set a precedent for other countries in Afrika and even the rest of the world.

"The one thing that is clear, is that this provides an important opportunity for all sides to carefully examine the role of independent contractors in an increasingly digital age, and specifically where small, midsize and large business owners rely on technology-enabled services to grow their independently operated companies," reads the statement.

Uber South Africa concluded by indicating that the ruling will be presented before the Labour Court of South Africa for review.

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