Afrika's regional open data platform developed by the African Development Bank is set to get the spotlight at the upcoming 61st World Statistics Congress. Named the African Information Highway, it is hoped that the Platform will continue to revolutionize data management and dissemination on the continent,

The 61st World Statistics Congress will be taking place in Marrakech, Morocco, from 16-21 July 2017,

β€œAt the exhibition booth, our team will present and explain all tools that the Bank provides to African countries under the program. We will also assist visitors to better understand the other tools we offer, and how they can be used to generate useful statistical data from African countries,” said Lawson Emessan Lawson, Officer in Charge of the Statistical Capacity Building Division at the AfDB.

The congress brings together more than 2,500 statisticians and members of the global statistical community who will present, discuss, promote and disseminate research and best practices in the field of statistics and how to apply it.

As one of the official sponsors of the Congress, the African Development Bank is funding the participation of 40 statisticians from its member countries.

The AfDB Team will also present topics in panel discussions, including the presentation on the African Information Highway (AIH), the role of SDMX in modernizing data reporting in Africa), the National strategy for the development of statistics, the International Comparison Program and a communication on Civil Registration and Labor statistics.

The African Information Highway was launched in 2012 and it currently serves as a supporting mechanism for its ongoing statistical capacity building program being implemented in its regional member countries.

The platform is installed in 54 Afrikan countries and 16 regional/sub regional organizations to facilitate data collection, management, dissemination and sharing.

Live data links have been established between the AfDB and national statistical offices, central banks, and line ministries on the one hand, and development partners, international organizations and other users, including the general public and the private sector, on the other.

Correct data about various countries in Afrika has been highlighted as one of the stumbling blocks to developing the continent to its full potential. The open data platform by the AfDB presents a unique opportunity for Afrikan countries to take the lead in implementation and promotion of international statistical standards across all countries in the region and in enhancing the quality of the data disseminated by Afrikan countries.

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