In 2016, 29 April 2016 to be specific, the Estonian-founded cab hailing app Taxify launched in South Africa. Within six months of launch the company had expanded its service to three of South Africa's largest cities.

In a market already with one dominant competitor, Uber South Africa, and regularly facing the wrath of South Africa's meter cab drivers; Taxify has managed to carve a space for itself in the market. Since launcing in 2016, the company has had over ten thousand registered drivers and has recorded more than five million completed rides.

![Taxify celebrates one year in South Africa](/content/images/2017/07/IMG_0403.jpg)
Taxify celebrates one year in South Africa.

Speaking to some of Taxify's users in South Africa, one of the key things they mostly repeat on why they use Taxify is affordability. This can also be seen in the fact that the top three cars on the Taxify platform in South Africa are:

  1. Toyota Corolla
  2. Toyota Etios
  3. Nissan Almera

Linda Mahloko, Operations Manager at Taxify South Africa, explained to iAfrikan that they have seen demand for a premium service from their users.

"Yes, there is strong demand for a premium service and we are currently working hard on building up a base of the best drivers and cars," said Mahloko.

The launch of Taxify's premium service in South Africa has been penciled down for sometime in the last quarter of 2017.

That is not the only service they plan to launch in 2017. They have also announced that they will be launching a service to offer "affordable and reasonable leasing deals" to their driver partners.

"We are unable to share specifics around this (leasing service for driver partners) yet, but we are planning to launch affordable leasing deals for our driver partners within the next three months," said Mahloko.

Given its affordability as cited by Taxify users iAfrikan spoke to, it is not surprising to learn that the cab hailing service is available in most of the biggest townships in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town and Durban such as Soweto, Alexandra, Tembisa, Soshanguve, Khayelitsha and Umlazi.

For the next twelve months, there are plans to expand Taxify to more towns and cities across South Africa.

"The platform will be even more safe and reliable via a few safety features that we will be launching on the rider and driver app. We would also like to form stronger business relationships with our corporate clients and integrate loyalty programmes for our riders to earn points for using the service," concluded Mahloko.

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